How Many Pounds can the Queen City Loose?

Hopefully 2017 ended on a positive note! Or, has it left you feeling: bloated, tired, achy, and possibly a little “rumbly in your tummy”? Perhaps you are onto new goals for the New Year! Be sure to register for Haas Wellness Centers revolutionary weight loss program that starts January 8th 2018. It’s called

The Queen City Slimpossible Challenge.

One great way to kick start shedding those extra fudge brownie chocolate chip cookie pounds from all those Holiday Indulgences.


Obesity in North Carolina

1)      35.9% of adults are overweight in NC, the national average is 36.5%

2)      29.7% of NC adults are obese.

3)      48.6% of adults in NC got the recommended exercise of 150min a week.

4)      15.2% of children are overweight in NC, the national average is 17%

5)      12.5% of children in NC are obese.


Start the Queen City Slimpossible Challenge today!

Dr. Harrison, alongside our health coach Debbie, have teamed up to tackle the statistics on Obesity in the Carolinas. Join us for the QUEEN CITY SLIMPOSSIBLE CHALLENGE with our kick off one mile walk on Sunday January 7th 2018 at 2:30pm. Using revolutionary technology, we have a unique, new, results driven weight loss program. Lots of incentives along the way. Call now to start your journey on this 90 day program.

Celebrate with us, even if you are not a Slimpossible Challenger- at our 5k on April 8th 2018! Portion of proceeds to support Parents of Infant and Children with Kernicterus ( Save the date! It’s a great cause to raise awareness for.

Need help meal planning?- We got it! Need help knowing WHAT to eat/drink- We got it! Need help with exercise recommendations? –We can do that too! Need some healthy competition- welcome to it! We have our own FaceBook page for encouragement- its not required but a great way to meet some like minded people focusing on their weight and fitness.

In fact- did you know that how you exercise should depend on your body’s specific immune system, health conditions, and genetics can yield you greater success?

A physician assisted weight management program makes it personalized to you.

Best yet- there are no injections, no magic pills, just very simple easy to follow guidelines depending on your individual examination results.

Call today to schedule a free consult (704) 837-2420.

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