What is in Your Medicine Cabinet?medicine cabinet

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the average child gets between 6 and 10 colds a year. Records indicate that more than 22 million missed school days per year are attributable to the common cold alone, not to mention the numerous other illnesses that can keep a child sick or not feeling 100%.

Below are some of the products which every family should have on hand in their medicine cabinet. These play an important role in supporting a healthy immune system.

  • Total Multimune (Immune Booster)
  • Total VRX(Natural Anti-Viral)
  • Total Probiotics (Heavy duty Probiotics)
  • Core Level Health Reserve (High Quality Multi Vitamin/Mineral)
  • Zinc Picolinate (Zinc improves immune function)
  • Vitamin C-TR (High dose vitamin C time released)
  • Lauricidin (Natural Anti-Viral derived from coconut)
  • Argentin Silver Spray (Silver kills germs on contact)

When used as prescribed these products can help reduce recovery time and alleviate symptoms. Don’t wait until the first sniffle, stock your medicine cabinet today and consult with Dr. Haas on appropriate dosing for you and your loved ones.

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