“After six months my blood pressure dropped, even below my goal of 110 over 70, to 106 over 67”

Hi, my name is Mike Shay and I am the author of “Reduce Blood Pressure Naturally.” This is the story of how I discovered, how to lower my own high blood pressure, help others to lower theirs, and then went on to write what is probably the best book ever written on curing heart disease naturally.

The story begins 15 years ago when I made the choice to lower my blood pressure through natural methods only, without the use of drugs. It was a big decision, because although I already had a healthy lifestyle, high blood pressure ran in my family, and with the recent stress from moving and adjusting to a new job environment, my blood pressure had been steadily rising.

Drawing on years of experience as a natural health practitioner and an array of books and knowledge of natural healing, I started to design a powerful natural program. My search for a natural cure to hypertension led me to research every means for lowering high blood pressure. I studied everything from diet and nutrition to prayer, meditation, and exercise routines. I must have good luck because I soon found what so many scientists are still struggling to discover: several simple ways to keep my blood pressure at normal levels without medication. After six months my blood pressure dropped, even below my goal of 110 over 70, to 106 over 67, but the best news is it continues to stay low. The techniques I discovered I am still using today and am as healthy as ever.

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Successfully lowering my own blood pressure is just the beginning of my story. The techniques I had discovered had worked so well for me, I wanted to share my discoveries with the world. This started with helping my friends by introducing them to the same natural techniques I had discovered.

At first I was not sure that they would work for other people as well as they had worked for me, but the techniques proved themselves again. To my surprise one client of mine lowered his blood pressure in a single day from 160 over 100 in the morning to 149 over 97 that same afternoon. He was happy, and I was amazed because my own blood pressure had come down much more slowly.

I started to form my ideas in writing, and to develop them into a book. This led me to more carefully researching the natural methods I had discovered. I wanted to be absolutely sure that the miraculous results I had experienced would work for everybody. Through my research I was able to find recognized scientific studies for all the major techniques presented in my book. Some of these techniques were even backed by fifteen-year studies showing dramatically positive results. Again I was happy and amazed at what I had discovered.

Over the next ten years I continued to study every possible natural method for lowering high blood pressure. The book now contains over four hundred pages of carefully documented techniques, and is almost certainly the most comprehensive guide to naturally improving all aspects of cardiovascular health.

Wishing you and your friends the best of health, now and in years to come,

Mike Shay

Order the “The Reduce Blood Pressure Naturally” Ebook, only $27 

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