Diabetes and weight gain tend to go hand in hand.  There are both genetic as well as environmental factors that play a role.  The good news is that even once damaged, the normal functioning of the blood sugar system can be weight-lossrestored. The most common factor in the destruction of the carbohydrate pathway is overuse. When you consume any kind of carbohydrate whether it is an organic whole grain product or a teaspoon of straight white sugar, it all gets metabolized to glucose.  Glucose is energy for our cells.  To get the glucose into our cells we have a messenger called insulin. The problem occurs when we eat too many carbohydrates and sugars.  This causes insulin to be constantly knocking on the doors of our cells.  Eventually the cells get tired of this and stop answering the door leaving the glucose circulation in our blood (high blood sugar). This is called insulin resistance. After a short period of time, the body turns the glucose into triglycerides to store it.  The triglycerides are moved into fat cells to use for energy later.  The stuff inside your fat cells is really unused sugar or energy that has been turned into fat.

A complicating factor can be that many people trying to reduce their calorie or sugar intake use artificial sweeteners.  Artificial sweeteners, even stevia, stimulate the body to release insulin.  This exacerbates the problem by making the cells even more insulin resistant.

To reverse this process some things need to be done. In order to retrain the cells to accept insulin, you need to avoid carbohydrates as much as possible.  Nutritional supplements such as chromium, vanadium and alpha lipoic acid can accelerate this process.

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