20150416_090049Are you toxic? With the enormous amounts of toxic metal in the environment and widespread nutrient mineral insufficiencies, assessing patients for element imbalances and excesses is increasingly important. By assessing any of three sample sources (hair, blood, or urine) the Elemental Analysis provides a convenient and accurate window for gauging both long and short-term toxic exposure and nutrient deficiencies. The test includes measures of pervasive and potentially damaging toxins such as lead, mercury and cadmium, along with crucial mineral nutrients like zinc, calcium, and magnesium. Test reports come with a unique index that clearly displays the likelihood of external contamination for each element, placing results into their proper perspective and ensuring the highest degree of accuracy.

Each sample (hair, blood, or urine) offers a unique vantage point for assessing element status in the body. Using Elemental Analysis, the clinician can quickly pinpoint and treat toxic and nutrient imbalances that may be triggering chronic fatigue, depression, hyperactivity (children), “foggy” brain, stress, thyroid problems and many other health conditions.

Also available now are some helpful testing for chemical residues from household product and pesticides.

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2 Responses to Are You Toxic?

  1. Any idea how long many rounds of Cisplatin can stay in your body or what it can permanently do to some one? Or suggestions to help someone?

    • As best that I can tell from the literature it is a period of days. I would think it may take much longer to get rid of the platinum. Doing metal testing could be helpful to see what the body is eliminating in the months following treatment.

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