All of my kids have loved Halloween.  Kids like to dress up and the creativity is a good thing.  They like the experience of visiting houses in our neighborhood. But every year I used to cringe when my kids

trick or treatcame back from trick or treating and emptied the pile of candy on the floor.  Besides the large amounts of sugar and chemicals in the candy, allowing them to have a mountain of sweets in their possession is just sending a bad message.  So my wife dreamed up a wonderful idea to make halloween a little healthier.

Tell you children that when they come back from trick or treat, they can pick out a favorite piece of candy (or maybe a few) and hang that bag of candy on the front door knob.  When they get up in the morning there is a present from the “halloween witch” in it’s place. (We think the tooth fairy may be moonlighting.)

This idea may cost a few bucks but you will probably more than make it up in health as well as dental bill.

Happy Halloween

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