Do You Have A Slow Metabolism?

Do you have a low metabolic rate?  I get asked daily by my patients if their metabolism is low.  They are trying hard to loose weight but it just won’t come off.  They are tired and sometime feel cold.  They may have dry snailskin and/or hair. Metabolic rate affects every cell in your body including brain cells, heart cells, liver cells and of course, your fat cells.

The simplest thing to do first is to monitor your body temperature.  By taking your temperature several times each day and looking at the trend, you can see if your internal furnace is burning fuel properly.  Finding a low temperature trend is a good sign of an underactive thyroid.  I find this with many patients who are even already under treatment with synthetic thyroid hormones.  If we can determine the cause of the under active thyroid, the need for medication can be eliminated.

Lifestyle patterns also affect metabolic rate.  A  low protein diet, a low calorie diet and skipping meals will slow metabolism.  Your morning coffee will speed you up in the morning, but later in the day your metabolic rate will slow down. Switching to green tea will actually improve metabolism as well as fat burning.

Physical activity raises metabolism.  If you are inactive your metabolic rate will slow.  Strenuous exercise is not necessary for most people.  Even walking will significantly raise your metabolism. Make it even more effective by splitting it into several sessions.  An example would be, instead of walking for sixty minutes once a day, walk 30 minutes twice a day.  Walking 15 minutes four times per day would be even better.

Muscle mass increases metabolic rate also.  Doing some resistance or weight training will increase muscle size and mobilize the body’s metabolism.

These are just a few simple steps to take.  If you want more information, call us for a no charge consultation.

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