pemfThe science of PEMF is based on the fact that humans are electrical beings. Your body’s cells and the surrounding fluid carry electrical charges that permit the flow of important nutrients into and out of your cells. According to Dr. Harold Saxton Burr, a professor at Yale University, School of Medicine, voltage imbalances, either too high or too low, can cause cells to malfunction. He also discovered that cell voltage imbalances precede the onset of disease. Cellular Circuit: The fluid and structures in the body are made up of chemical substances that carry an electrical charge, either positive or negative. The body’s cells are made up of a variety of these substances. The liquid encased within cell membranes—the cytosol and nucleoplasm—are conductive and therefore act like resistors. Cell membranes are like capacitors (batteries), storing energy for the cell to perform its functions.   As capacitors, your cells each hold a charge that is essential for taking in nutrients, flushing out waste and even communicating with other cells. Science has found that nerve cells must maintain a resting membrane potential of -70 millivolts (mV) to conduct impulses. According to the research of Dr. Jerry Tennant, M.D., we need double the electrical energy of a normal cell to repair or make new cells or tissue in the body. In other words, you need extra energy to get the work done. This is where PEMF comes in. With over 2,000 published studies to document its effects, PEMF safely delivers pulsing magnetic fields to cells, giving them the energy they need to work properly.


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