Blood Sugar Imbalance and Diabetes can be reversed.  If you follow the correct procedures,  you can lower your blood sugar, your A1C and lose the fat that has accumulated around your belly.  Endocrinologist Diana Schwarbein MD in her book “The Swartzbein Principle”  tells us about the myth of complex carbohydrates.  Carbohydrates are carbohydrates.  Whether you eat a whole grain muffin or a teaspoon of sugar they all become glucose at the end of the digestive process.  Over time, significantly reducing carbohydrates will increase the body’s ability to burn fat and better utilize the carbohydrates that we eat.

Besides diet, other factors come into play. Daily exercise alone can reduce resistance to insulin thus lowering blood sugar.  One study showed that walking only one mile per day (roughly 15 minutes) had significant results.

Correcting nutritional deficiencies for missing minerals such as chromium and vanadium which help to maintain normal blood sugar levels is key.

Normalizing adrenal function is also necessary.  Adrenal activity affects blood sugar levels and visa versa.  Making lifestyle changes and correcting nutritional habits take stress off of the adrenal gland.

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  1. Research is ongoing and promising pointing in the direction that celery could lower your blood
    pressure and at the same time block tumor cells from growing in your
    body. Approximately 2. One theory is that the problem isn’t so much “too much sodium,” rather, “too little magnesium, potassium and calcium.

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