Studies Show How Research Is Killing You

pill“Vitamin D Does Not Increase Stamina.” I just read an article online about vitamin D and how it doesn’t increase stamina.  Looking at the headlines, the implication is that vitamin D supplementation is unnecessary.  Vitamin D does a lot of really great things for us.   It is vital that we get enough.  The majority of patients that I have tested for vitamin D levels are lower than they should be.  When vitamin D levels are low, a lot of processes in your body will be interrupted or slowed reducing your quality of life, making you sick and eventually shortening your life.  There are approximately 34,000 published studies on the effects of vitamin D on health.  Just because it may not increase stamina, does not negate it’s importance nor should it discourage you from using it.

Why do stories such as this one make the news?  Because just like the headline of this blog, if you make an outrageous statement, people might read your post. Even if they only see the headline, an impression is made.  There is an attack on any method or treatment that is not medical and especially pharmaceutical related.

Perhaps we should study the effects a of medical treatment on the quality and length of life.  Let’s take a look:

     Modern medicine tends to focus on prescriptive treatment of disease, rather than health promotion, prevention and management.1,2 It is likely that everyday medical care provides little contribution to increased life            expectancy of a population.3,4

When you see a news story like this it is extremely important to read beyond the headline and to think for yourself.  

Perhaps  the headline should be:“Obscure Research Is Killing You.”

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