We use cold lasers in our office for a number uses including, pain relief, brain stimulation, detoxification, allergy desensitization and fat loss. Cold laser therapy is extremely safe because intensity of the beam is extremely low, in fact, we find that the lower the intensity of the beam, the greater the effect on the patient.

In this video I give a brief explanation of how lasers work and how we use them in our office.

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4 Responses to How Cold Laser Therapy Affects Healing

  1. Lori Foerster says:

    Would you recommend anyone in Orlando who does this type of cold laser therapy!?

  2. Elese Sanford says:

    Thanks for the demo, Dr. Haas. Wish I was close enough to be your patient. My question is: have you had any positive results using cold laser on chemo induced neuropathy? Thanks for taking care of my kids.

    • I haven’t had anyone with chemo induced neuropathy but I would suspect that it would be helpful.

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