How The Speed Of Healing Can Be Increased

Healing comes from within but, we can enhance the healing process if we maximize our life style and use some healing technologies.  As you might expect, getting enough rest and avoiding stress are essential.  During a time of healing your nutritional requirements may need to be adjusted.  For example, more than the usual amount of protein and “good fats” may be needed.

Since I started my practice, nearly thirty years ago, technology has added some wonderful tools that add a dimension to the healing process that I never would have believed.  The first time that I saw a cold laser demonstrated at a conference in Atlanta, a sixteen year old boy with a paralyzed arm started to move his arm after just fifteen minutes of treatment!  I was at the vendor’s table purchasing my first laser as soon as the class ended.  It was miraculous!  Since then I have seen scar disappear in one day, headaches relieved in minutes, hand tremors cease instantly and rashes disappear in a day just to mention a few surprise outcomes.

Pulsed electromagnetic therapy (PEMF) came into my life seven years ago.  During the demonstration, we treated the knee of a gentlemen with an arthritic knee who limped into my office.  Thirty minutes later he could squat all the way to the floor without pain.  Shortly after that a man with Parkinson’s Disease demoed the PEMF.  After the treatment, as he was leaving the office, I had to chase him down because he had forgotten his cane.  When he returned for the next treatment, he told me that when he got out of his bed the next day that he walked directly to the bathroom.  I asked him what was unusual about that.  He told me that usually he couldn’t get his legs to go forward when he first got up and that he would have to walk backwards to the bathroom.  He was quite pleased.

A little over a year ago we added spinal decompression to our office’s repertoire.  Relieving pain caused by degenerated and herniated discs can sometimes be difficult.  Spinal decompression takes the pressure off of nerves and helps to regenerate compressed discs.  This past year we had an incredible case of a man who had constant lower back and leg pain and had needed some heavy duty pain medication daily for the last ten years get total relief  after the fourth visit.  Read his story HERE.

These are just a few of the ways that healing can be enhanced.  If you would like to know more about what can be done for you or someone that you care about, call us to arrange a no-cost consult to see if our office is a good match for you.




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