romanceFebruary is officially “ The Love Month “ Every place you go you see hearts and cupids and for most people it can be a fun exciting time – aaahhh Love is in the air! But that’s not true for everyone. With the connotation of Valentine’s Day being love it also represents intimacy. For some whether male or female this can bring on some anxiety with our fast paced, high stressed lifestyles causing imbalances and hormonal issues  that may be causing issues with frigidity, lack of desire or even erectile dysfunction in men.  We are seeing this more and more in the office, you are not alone and it is not something to be embarrassed about.  Please call the office 704-837-2420 to set up a no cost consultation to see how we can help you with this or any other areas you are having trouble in.

With that being said I also want to give you some practical ideas of ways you can begin to treat the symptoms at home – this may not eliminate the underlying issue but may help to alleviate some of the symptoms.

I would recommend using Essential oils a comparably very inexpensive option with no major negative side effects. I personally use and recommend doTERRA Essential Oils because of their certification of purity and potency.

The easiest and very effective way to use Essential Oils is to get a cool mist diffuser and begin to aromatically get the wonderful therapeutic benefits of them. To keep this simple I am going to suggest just three Oils.

Sexual problems (men and women) –

Patchouli: is known to help stimulates the sex hormones estrogen and testosterone, and can help boost your sex drive. It has been useful for impotence, loss of libido, erectile dysfunction, and sexual anxiety.

Ylang Ylang: has been known to help those struggling with a lack of sexual desire or the inability to enjoy sex. Just the aroma may illicit a response.

Clary Sage:  has been shown to have great results for low sex drive. This may be your number one choice if struggling with impotency.

My recommendations to help put a little spark back into that special day or “everyday”

Dim those lights start the diffuser and see what happens!



2 Responses to Essential Oils for Romance

  1. Sonia Livanos says:

    Do you diffuse all three oils at the same time and how many drops and how do you use them topically thanks

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