xymogenRecently there has been a lot of news about the quality of nutritional supplements.  In over thirty years or using nutrition to restore health I have found that many patients have failed prior to seeing me because they used substandard products in trying to heal themselves.

Problems arise when:

  • The contents of the bottle do not match the label
  • Sourced ingredients are of poor quality
  • There are contaminants in ingredients such as heavy metals and other chemicals

When I recommend nutritional support I emphasize the importance of using manufacturers that not only follow c-GMP (current – Good Manufacturing Practices) FDA certification, (See more at: http://www.fda.gov/Drugs/DevelopmentApprovalProcess/Manufacturing/ucm169105.htm) but use an independent, 3rd party lab tests their supplements for purity (contaminants) as well as contents.

There are companies that cater to the demands of professionals and their calling card is quality.  Professional companies such as Xymogen, Nutriwest, Biotics Research and Thorne give you documented assurance.

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