Alkaline water has become very popular lately.  I have never been a fan because the alkalinity of the water can disrupt the acidic area of digestion in the stomach.  Let’s put that aside and look at another potential problem.

In our office we frequently run hair analysis on patients when we suspect the possibility of toxic metals being present.  The following picture is of a hair analysis on a fifty one year old female patient.  During her workup she told us that she had a water alkalizing unit.

You can see that she has very high aluminum and platinum.


I was aware that these machine had platinum and titanium plates and when I saw her results I warned her to stop using the alkalizer.  We worked on detox for a year and retested and I was shocked when we received the results.


Her Platinum and Titanium were off of the chart.  When I asked her if she had stopped using the alkalizing unit she sheepish said that she had continued to use it all along.  The plates leach toxic metals into the water and drinking the water had increased her levels dangerously.

My advice is to all avoid alkaline water.

14 Responses to What Is Your Alkaline Water Doing To You

  1. leigh scheele says:

    Amen! SO glad to see you warning your patients about the fallacy of the alkailnizing craze!

  2. Jann Chandler says:

    This is a real eye opener, Dr. Haas. It is positive proof from test results about the negative effects of drinking alkalized water, which my husband, who is a Naturopathic Doctor, has been against for years. He gets people who ask him whether they should be drinking the alkalized water, and he has always warned them about it. The machines are extremely expensive to buy,which is what the industry wants people to do. It’s such a shame that your patient did a year of detox, but continued to drink the alkalized water.

    • Thanks for your comment. The year after this she improved greatly on retesting. Thanks again.

  3. Lauren Smith says:

    I’ve seen so much about this and have always been leary…now I know why! Great information!

  4. Carolyn Tarrant says:

    My daughter drinks this water. She says she feels better since she started. Tried to get me to start. Glad I read this article. Will pass ibfo to her.

  5. Dr. Haas, what are your thoughts on Berkey water filtration systems that filter out Fourier and also use carbon filters??

    • Hi Kara:
      I have not seen these until today and have no first hand experience with this company. I generally recommend reverse osmosis systems to my patients and that is what I have in my home. Wish I could tell you more.

      Ken Haas

    • Adding it to you diet may help but I found it wasn’t enough for me. I have had to add a mineral supplement daily to my diet to keep my mineral levels up with RO water.

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