Electro-magnetic fields are all around us today and seem to be increasing exponentially with time.  Sources of Electro-magnetic fields are cell phones, wireless communication, computers, iPad’s, fluorescent lights and motors from things such as hair dryers and ceiling fans.  When I started my practice thirty years ago, we had no computers or cell phones.  The change has been dramatic.

About fifteen years ago I was made aware of the Electro-magnetic field phenomenon and started to test every patient for Electro-magnetic field sensitivity.  Back then we found that about one person in three was sensitive.  Today it’s almost 100%.  There are several recommendations that I make to the EMF sensitive patient.

Above all, when possible, you should increase the distance between you and the source of the EMF.  The intensity of the field drops very quickly the farther you are from it.  As an example, if you measure the intensity of the Electro-magnetic field from your computer at one foot away, at two feet it will be 75% less.  At three feet it will be 90% less and at four feet it will be 94% decreased.  So, by moving away from your home electronic gadgets you greatly decrease the dosage that you receive.

The worse offenders that we find in the home are motors from ceiling fans and hair dryers.  I would never sleep under a ceiling fan that is turned on. Microwaves are also major offenders.  I would try to stay fifteen feet away from a microwave that is on.

Here are some devices that we recommend for our patients.  They are available in our office.

The first is to use a Multi-Polar Magnet.  These small magnets increase the strength of an individuals own magnetic field lessening the chance of it being over run by an outside force.

The second is a small device called the R2L that sticks to the back of your cell phone and decreases the radiation into your head significantly.

The third is a device call The Total Shield.  The Total Shield reduces the effects of geopathic as well as electromagnetic stress.

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