When a patient comes to us seeking weight loss, we always start by evaluating all of the metabolic processes in the body.  This is a story of a women in her twenties who came to our office early this year.  She was looking for a holistic plan for overall health with the end product of weight reduction.

Her findings were relatively common.  She had adrenal fatigue, a sluggish liver, insulin resistance, poor digestion and candida.  She also had some mild toxicity that we found through hair analysis and some allergies.  Her saliva hormone test showed very low progesterone leaving her estrogen dominant. She was also mildly iron deficient and was trending toward hypothyroidism. s wt loss

We started on a program of weekly visits with a home lifestyle program and over the past five months she has lost just about fifty pounds.  The photo at the right is our weight log that we kept for this patient.

It should be noted that calories were not restricted. What we did work on was:

  • improving liver function
  • detoxification
  • estrogen/progesterone balance
  • blood sugar control
  • improving digestion and bowel function
  • correcting structural imbalances
  • removing immune sensitivities

She is continuing to lose weight at about ten pounds per month.

If you would like to learn more about how balancing metabolism can help you get your body back, give us a call at 704-837-2420.

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