There are times for us parents who try our best to keep our children healthy that are difficult.  Halloween is one of those times.  I have five children and all of my kids loved Halloween time.  They loved the dress up and they loved the “treasure” in their bags.

If you look at the labels on those candy wrappers and see the ingredients on some of that candy, you might get just a little scared yourself.


On a recent weekend shopping trip I checked out some products on seasonal shelves.  You can see the label below that some of the ingredients don’t look so good.  Of course there is the sugar factor.  In my view, a little sugar on special occasions is not such a big deal but, sugar every day is.  The scary part for me is the load of toxins.  Anything made from corn including the corn syrup and the citric acid are made with GMO corn and will contain Roundup or Glyphosate which is a known carcinogen.  Titanium dioxide is strongly suspected of being cancer causing.  Artificial dyes and flavors can cause big problems, especially neurological problems for those that are sensitive to them.



I also found some “better” choices.  They are better because of the lack of chemicals but, they still are sugary.

Candy3 Candy4

Let’s face it, candy is not healthy but if you have to occasionally give it to your kids, you can make better choices.

One Response to Are There Better Halloween Treats?

  1. Malika Sai says:

    Thank you so much for this information.
    Sometimes I tend to forget about how
    Dangerous those treats can be for our kids.
    I will make sure to throw all of their holeween treats away.
    Some kids are selling their holeween candies at school the day after holeween:(
    And other kids will buy those candies.

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