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Losing weight and losing fat are not necessarily the same thing.  You might think that they go hand in hand but that isn’t always the case.  Here is an example.  Spend some time in a sauna.  You will sweat and probably detox some but what you eliminate mostly is water weight.  You can drop many pounds with a sauna but it won’t be fat.

When we start a patient on a reduction program one of our chief recommendations is to avoid coffee.  Coffee tends to cause blood sugar fluctuations and leads to sugar cravings and hunger especially at the end of the day which is the worst time to eat.  Coffee is a diuretic and drinking can make you lose lots of water.  When you stop drinking it you will usually, at least temporarily, gain some water weight.  This will normally go away within a few weeks or even less.  The point is, even though the scale goes up, the fat may be coming off.  Over time, avoiding coffee is generally very beneficial for fat loss because of the leveling of blood sugar.  To learn more about blood sugar CLICK HERE.

Hormonal imbalance can be a complicating factor in weight control.  The most common scenario is an abundance of estrogen relative to progesterone.  When estrogen is dominant fat tends to accumulate.  Imagine a woman who is pregnant.  When progesterone is dominant you tend to lean.  Imagine a women marathoner. The best way to know where you stand is to have you hormones tested.  To learn more about hormone balance CLICK HERE.

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  1. Is any of the programs for men? I have low T and I recently stated test booster via self injection. I’m over weight, I have cut out soda, sweet tea and drink nothing but water. I eat around 1000-1600 calories a day and I’m not seeing and difference my belly fat. What can I do to start losing weight?

    • We do the same for men and women although the process is often a bit different.May I suggest you call to set up a consult with us. We do a no-charge 15 minute consult to see if we are a good match with our potential patients. 704-837-2420

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