Shoo Flu- Don’t Bother Me!

Shoo Flu- Don’t Bother Me!

As cough and cold season makes its debut this fall- don’t find yourself unprepared to fight off these viral and bacterial infections. All too many times patients come in and ask us “What can I do now that I have the flu”? The truth is, a strong immune system to begin with will help protect you naturally from being subjects to the viral and bacterial invasions.

Here are some quick tips to get you it tip top shape now!

1) Dump that hand sanitizer! Use warm water with plain soaps to wash your often. The more you douse yourself with antibacterial products, the more your killing your own healthy bacteria that fights off infections- making you more susceptible to a viral infection like the flu.
2) Discover Essential Oils! It is important that these oils are bought from a high quality, medical grade facility to reduce impurities and be certain the correct dose is in your bottle.
3) Discard Prepackaged food! To boost your immune system, it is important to fuel it well. After all, “you are what you eat” -so choose wisely. Going for home made stews, chili, soups with good quality ingredients such as organic, fresh vegetables and hormone free meats can set the stage for your body to have a healthy Winter.
4) Double your water! Drinking water is so underestimated these days. If your body is in defense mode trying to ward off a potential infection, having enough water can help you flush out the toxins. A good rule of thumb is to: drink ½ of your body weight in ounces each day. So, somebody who weighs 150lbs should be drinking 75 fluid ounces of water.
5) Ditch the Caffeine! With your body’s immune system in overdrive, decreasing your caffeine intake can improve your body’s ability to fight off that cold. Most of the time caffeine comes paired up with sugar, which is inflammatory in nature and can slow your immune system down even further.

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