Don’t Let the Holidays get you “Holi-Dazed”

Don’t Let the Holidays get you “Holi-Dazed”

It’s that time of year again. In fact, it seems to be creeping upon us earlier and earlier each year. The Holidays are coming. This year, stores were starting to display their holiday items before Halloween, let alone before November. In this article we will share with you how to keep your holiday hustle and bustle in check and how to manage the stress load often associated with “the End of the Year”.

Don’t get Holi-dazed this year! Manage your stress by:

1)      Learning how to list out your tasks. It may sound easy, but preventing the Holi-dazed experience has much to do with how well of a planner you are, and how committed you are to following through on those plans!

2)      Learn to say No! And mean it! Knowing what your limitations are will help you prevent being Holi-dazed this season.  If you have gone to bed by 9pm all year- why all of a sudden are you trying to stay out late or stay up late working on a project? Keep yourself in check with your regular daily routine. If you are invited to too many things the rest of your life will become unbalanced. Learning to say NO upfront may seem harsh, but you are saving yourself from wearing out under the added stress and pressure for extra commitments/events/festivities.

3)      Keep Moving. Even if you have been slack on exercise this fall- step it up a notch. Regular exercise can boost your immune system- which is under attack during all this Holi-daze hustle and bustle of after work parties, shopping endeavors, traveling, etc.  Exercise is a great stress relief and helps fight fatigue. Walking 30min 2x a day can improve your overall health and wellbeing.

4)      Watch what you eat. I know those ooey-gooey yumm-yumms are tempting! Grandma’s brownies, homemade fudge, etc. I could care less about the calories the Holi-daze brings about. Every teaspoonful of sugar is a direct hit to your immune system, making you less likely to finish the year out strong. Keep those sugary cravings at bay by not eating them. Think you’re being impolite? Well, perhaps it may seem that way- but sticking to a clean eating lifestyle will certainly allow you finish up the Holi-daze on your own two feet, and leave you less likely to be sick and run down.  Refer to Number 2 if you have trouble…

Fight Fatigue to help you through the Holi-daze.  

1)      Avoid Caffeine. This includes those eggnog lattes and pumpkin spice coffee drinks.

2)      Boost up your vitamin C. Get in a healthy serving of antioxidants to build your immune system

3)      Add turmeric to your roasted veggies, not only will it give you a little zing but it also helps ward of inflammation which is a common cause of fatigue.

4)      Avoid grains and dairy, they are extra causes of sugar intake which can lead to fatigue.

5)      Pack up snacks full of good fats. Raw nuts (peanuts don’t count) are a great brain food and can wake you back up again.

6)      Drink water. Not only is it refreshing, but you should consume ½ your body weight in ounces of water each day. Ex: If you weigh 150lbs then drink 75 ounces of water daily.

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