Which Hue Is Best For YOU?

As we continue to grow our repertoire of holistic health services, we have brought some therapy in that will help and inspire your emotions, help balance the brain, and recharge your body’s natural energy!  Color therapy has been found by neurologists to help children with Autism, Dyslexia, Parkinson’s Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Weight loss, Skin irritations, Relieve headaches, Improve sleep,  Help to tighten and tone the skin, Relaxation, Stress relief and MORE!


In a world where our minds traverse the internet nonstop and we are glued to technology and screen time, Color Therapy is a great solution for many people!  Every color of the rainbow is in nature, and with our hectic lives we are very hesitant to get outside and enjoy the earth.  Using colors to help get you back to life at Haas Wellness Centers is very affordable, time friendly, non invasive way to try an alternative health care approach to common health and wellness concerns.  Expect to spend 15 minutes with the doctors and team members. Combining low level laser (cold laser) along with this therapy helps promote the healing of the body.


What you hear all day, or lack of sound, can greatly have an impact on your thoughts, mood, and daily interactions. It is a way for you to reconnect, reboot, and recharge your central nervous system. Sound therapy may be used for relaxation, anxiety, depression/mood, anger management, stress management, Autism, Parkinson’s disease, ADD/ADHD, etc. The healing benefits of sound are so vast, not one person should go without trying a trial of sound therapy to facilitate their wellness.


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