Avoid the “Winter Itch” aka Eczema

Avoid the “Winter Itch” aka Eczema


Ever been in a cold climate and upon entering someplace warm (as simple as walking inside from the car on a winter day in New England) and notice a flushing or itchy sensation? Many regions refer to this as “Winter Itch”, but the more medical term is atopic dermatitis (eczema).  It can occur on almost any part of the body, and the urge to scratch can be almost irresistible.

Often times, people who have eczema often have allergies to other things (food sensitivities, pollen, animals, trees, etc). Rather than constantly trying to avoid triggers getting to the cause of the allergy is a better solution.

Many times, if left untreated, eczema can break out as a red patch like/scaly distribution of the affected area. This could cause breakage to the skin if the person continues scratching- which can lead to staph infections. Staph is a normal bacterial residing on skin surfaces, but when being introduced into broken skin can cause severe infections.

There are a wide variety of over the counter products for eczema, and with the surge in essential oil utilization- knowing your source becomes very strategic to get the best results.  Many salves, creams, lotions, ointments out there on drug store shelves are not screened for quality control of product ingredients, are not FDA regulated, and do not carry stringent protocols to exclude many carcinogenic containing compounds that are banned in several other countries but not in the United States.

Eczema, depending on the causation may respond well to the allergy desensitization process at Haas Wellness Centers. This process is a holistic approach to rid the body of excess toxins, work with acupressure points to facilitate proper immune responses to potential triggers, repair any underlying nutritional imbalances/deficiencies,  correct any structural or neurological interferences that are contributing to poor immune function, and work towards treating the individual at the cellular level with low level laser technology (cold laser). The best part is- these treatments are gentle, and often provide relief in the first few sessions. Your doctor will work with you to monitor your symptoms an get you balanced with holistic treatments that are bio-available, natural, and free of the know carcinogenic list that invades many over the counter solutions.

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