What are The Signs of Poor Health?

The Signs of Poor Health

In my thirty plus years as a wellness practitioner I have seen somewhere around fifteen thousand different individuals come through my office.  Each person has their own set of concerns and complaints.   Usually by the time these patients take action their situation has become chronic and complicated and takes a lot of work, time and money to get better.

Disease processes arise because of two factors:

1)      Genetic predisposition

2)      Environmental and/or lifestyle choices

To some extent we can make some very good guesses about our genetics by looking at family history.  If all four of your grandparents died from cancer you can bet that cancer will be your weakness.  Today more and more genetic tests are easily available and more affordable to learn about your genetics.

What we call diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer or diabetes are the end effects of the breakdown of our physiology.  Any disease or disorder begins with changes in metabolism caused by three things:

1)      Trauma

2)      Insufficiency

3)      Toxicity


Trauma can be sudden and acute such as injuries from a car accident or gradual such as wear and tear on joints from repetitive activities such as running.


Insufficiency can be many things such as nutrients from a poor diet. It can be chronic dehydration from lack of water or consuming drinks that are diuretics such as coffee. It can also be lack of oxygen in your tissues from lack of exercise or even restrictions in the spine and ribs that prevent full breaths.


We are exposed to many toxins in the environment from every day contact with plastics, cleaning products and pollutants.  We also encounter many toxins in our food supply.  Conventional foods can almost universally contain significant amounts of pesticides and even organic foods can have trace amounts of some pesticides that our found in rain water such as Roundup.


Most people don’t realize that there are problems brewing until things are pretty much out of hand.  As our systems start to breakdown we can identify some of the warning signs that will begin to show up before you have a named disease. The most common of these are:


1)      Fatigue – Fatigue is the most common symptom that patients present with.  It is most commonly caused by iron deficiency, adrenal insufficiency or low thyroid.

2)      Weight Gain – Gaining weight or the inability to lose weight can come from poor dietary choices but it can also be low thyroid function, poor blood sugar handling or reproductive hormone imbalance.

3)      Brain Fog – The most common cause of brain fog is low thyroid function but it can also be poor blood sugar handling or neurotransmitter imbalance.

4)      Digestive Disturbances – Bloating, gas, constipation and/or diarrhea are the symptoms but lack of HCl, enzymes and/or probiotics are the causes.

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