Help your child with ADD/ADHD get off to a great school year.

Help your child with ADHD get off to a great school year.
It’s here. School days are early, packed with test preparation, homework and lots of social stressors. A big change is the worst nightmare for a family struggling with adapting to new teacher, new medications, new management for children with ADHD. Here are some great tips to help you work towards a successful school year.

  1.  Get tested.  There are examinations and excellent lab tests that help to identify metabolic deficits that contribute to ADD/ADHD. Organic Acid Test (OAT), and Toxin testing are extremely helpful in finding non-drug solutions.
  2.  Get gut health in check. Oftentimes, ADHD is accompanied with other psycho/social disorders like anxiety, depression, oppositional defiance disorder and more. There has been a growing abundance of medical literature to support the concept that the gut is like a second brain. When you keep that in check you can help manage the frustrations of beginning a new school year. Gut problems can be localized with an exam and possibly lab tests.
  3. Cut off the screen time. Children who struggle with ADD/ADHD and psycho/social disorders can feel restless and inattentive and have difficulty with concentration. Swap out the apps on the tablets or phone with some creative puzzles, outdoor activities (even just standing barefoot can help ground and restore electromagnetic balance to the body) or reading adventures. Limit to 30min a day when possible of un-necessary screen time. This is including any screen including computers, television, tablets, phones and video games. Bright lights can cause over stimulation of certain parts of the brain.
  4.  Keep a routine. Yes, things change in a second and we have to learn to adapt. However, learning to prioritize, plan and strategize can really help ease some anxiety about the new school year, new classroom and new friends.

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  1. Hello,

    I got a 10 year old and a 11 year old that I would like to clean their gut. Do you except any insurance?
    Do you except Care Credit?
    If not what are the charges for this proceses?
    Thank you in advance.

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