Are You Prepared for Cold and Flu Season?

Its almost time for the cold and flu season.  Each year my patients ask me what I do to prevent and if necessary treat seasonal sickness.

First, I do not get a flu shot.  Flu vaccines are not only notoriously ineffective but also contain toxic ingredients including mercury.  Also, there is a disturbing lack of evidence that flu vaccines are safe. (

Also see Flu Shot Facts.

Flu vaccines commonly contain mercury preservatives which can cause neurological problems and autoimmune reactions.  (

Preserving natural immune function is my primary goal for prevention.  I do this by getting adequate sleep every night, avoiding physiological stress by eating frequently and avoiding foods that can reduce immune function such as sugar and alcohol.  Vitamin D is a key factor for proper immune function.  Knowing your Vitamin D status can help you know if you need supplementation.  Starting in October each year I take a half teaspoon of Lauricidin each day.  Lauricidin is a natural extract of coconut oil that deactivates viruses, some bacteria and many yeasts.

If I feel as though I am getting sick, I will take three, and up to nine, doses of Lauricidin per day.  I also use a colloidal silver spray several times a day.  I spray my sinuses, my ears and my throat.  More often than not, if I start treating before symptoms are severe, I can feel well the next day.

For my full protocol check out Avoiding and Treating Seasonal Illness. 

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