We want to highlight some of the key facts regarding the flu shot:flu-shot

  • A systemic review of 51 studies involving 260,000 children ages 6-23 found no evidence that the flu vaccine is more effective than a placebo in that group (Cochrane Database Syst. Rev. 2006; 1:CD004879).
  • A JAMA study showed the incidence of clinical influenza in the vaccinated group was 2% but in the unvaccinated group it was only 3% (JAMA 1994; 272:1661-5). This means out of 100 people, one person was attributed with avoiding the flu because of the vaccine.
  • Officials select 3 strains of flu virus for the vaccine that they think are most likely to be circulating during the next winter season (they failed to pick the swine flu last year).
  • According to the CDC, common substances found in flu vaccines include: Antibiotics, MSG, Formaldehyde, mercury – containing Thimerosal and Polysorbate 80 (PS 80 can cause sever anaphylactoid reactions – Ann Asthma Immunol 2005 Dec 95(6):593-9)
  • There are 1 to 2 cases of Guillain Barre’ syndrome per 1 million vaccinated persons. Taking a flu shot is essentially the same as buying a lottery ticket for acquiring GBS, an inflammatory demelynating condition of the nervous system.
  • >70 age group accounts for ¾ of all flu deaths (mostly from bacterial pneumonia).
  • In the largest case-control study of flu vaccine in the elderly, the Group Health study (The Lancet, August 2, 2008) found the ‘flu vaccine doesn’t protect seniors as much as been thought,” as it does not protect from pneumonia.


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    • Mary, I can not make a recommendation regarding vaccination specifically. I am just sharing information here. If you would like to have a discussion, please feel free to call me.

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