What Is Flower Essence Therapy?

In an emotionally toxic world
more and more people are becoming overwhelmed emotionally.  How we react
to our emotional environment lays the foundation for both our emotional and
physical health.  More and more as we “treat the symptoms”
of illness, our emotional needs go without care, ignored and neglected. 
Being emotionally imbalanced has a huge effect on our quality of life, our
physical health and the physical & emotional health of those who love us.

Flower Essences
Bach Flower Essences

In the 1930’s a medical doctor by
the name of Edward Bach studied the essences of flowers in order to find their
healing frequencies.  What he discovered was that the frequency of flowers
have the ability to adjust our emotions.  Rooted in his passion for homeopathy
he eventually discovered 38 flowers who essences could adjust any emotion of
human beings and animals.  Flower essence is often compared to homeopathy
in that the essence of the flower is extracted leaving the pure energy of the
flower itself  When taken internally there is a subtle nudge to our
emotions in an effort to bring our emotions back into balance.  In-balance
can include fear, anger, hurt, sadness or any out of control emotion or mental
state that is affecting your life.

In a typical session you will meet
with a certified Flower Essence Specialist to discuss your current emotional
state. After assessing your needs a remedy body will be made for you on the
spot for you to take home and start using immediately.   Often after
certain issues are resolved new issues arise which will require a change of
remedies until your emotional state is back in balance.

Make an appointment today to speak with a Certified Flower Essence Specialist 

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