Healing With Auriculotherapy And Two Free Sessions

The coronavirus pandemic has reminded us of the importance of keeping our immune system in the best condition. Toxicity, stress and natural environmental occurrences can cause damage when the defenses of the immune system are weakened. Keeping it strong is not as simplistic as taking a supplement or an herb.  All of your body systems need to function at optimum levels and stress needs to be at a minimum. Auriculotherapy, a technique that uses points on the ear and provided by Haas Wellness Center, can be a key to unlocking this potential. 

Commonly used for pain, depression, anxiety, withdrawal symptoms and many other conditions, auriculotherapy can also improve balance so that the body function as it was designed.   

By scanning the ear with an electrical device, a practitioner can determine which points in the ear are active. A pulse of microcurrent is released from the device into a point and electrically stimulated which brings about balance to the organ or body function that the point controls. Virtually every body system can be found in the ear. When an area is out of balance, my job is to find it and stimulate it so that healing can take place inside the body from the outside.

The average auriculotherapy session takes about 15 minutes and patients often feel the difference after just one session. 

During July and August, the practice is offering two free auriculotherapy sessions to our patients to see the difference auriculotherapy con make.

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