Avoiding Colds and Flu Maximize your immune function


Tips for Avoiding Seasonal Illness

As the cold weather descends upon us, the chance of colds and flu increases.  Guarding and boosting our immune systems is the best way to have a healthy winter season.  Here are some tips on how to maximize your immune function and minimize the risks for colds and flu.
  1. Stay happy.  Mood mind and emotions have a great effect on immunity.  Laugh, smile and don’t watch the news.  Set goals.
  2. Exercise daily.  30 minutes each day even if it is just a walk or going up and down your stairs.  Avoid heavy exercise.  Heavy exercise suppresses immune function.
  3. Take Probiotics daily.  Probiotics fight potential invading bacteria.  Your digestive system comprises 50% of your immune system.  I suggest Biodolph7–1 to 3 per day.
  4. Massage your skin with sesame oil after your bath or shower.  Sesame oil has an immune strengthening component, and your skin will appreciate it.
  5. Avoid alcohol.  Any drug that depresses the nervous system will also depress the immune system.
  6. Get adequate sleep.  Six to eight hours of uninterrupted sleep allows your body to recharge and rebuild.
  7. Reduce your intake of refined sugar.  Refined sugar makes the immune system sluggish.
  8. Take a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement daily.  The foods that we eat in the winter come from farther away and the farther they come the more vitality they lose.  I suggest Bio Multi for adults and Children’s Chewable for kids.
  9. Take extra vitamin C each day. (1-2 grams per day)
  10. Take a scoop of Lauricidin daily.  Lauricidin is an extract of coconut oil.  Lauricidin is a natural fatty acid that deactivates viruses, some bacteria and some yeast and fungi.

What to do if you get sick

If you do become ill, here are some suggestions to minimize the severity and time that you are sick.

  1. Rest-Rest-Rest!!! Nothing rejuvenates the body like rest.  Chances are that you haven’t been getting enough rest and that’s why you are sick.
  2. Increase your vitamin A and C.  Vitamin A and C help to fight infections. Timed release vitamin C is best. I suggest 1-2000mg per day.
  3. If you get a cold use zinc.  You need to start it right away to have it be helpful. Do not take more than 50mg per day.
  4. Try to avoid medications.  Cold and flu medicines help to relieve symptoms however studies show that those who use them tend to be sick longer.  We find that homeopathic remedies are effective without the chance of side effects.
  5. For viral infections take Lauricidin or Ultra Virx.  Both help the immune system identify and destroy the virus.  Proteolytic enzymes taken between meals attack the cell wall of the virus that keeps them from replicating.
  6. For bacterial infections I use Bio Immunozyme Forte.
  7. Chiropractic adjustments have been shown to stimulate the immune response with a release of T-cells. Getting your spine adjusted when you feel a cold coming on is a big benefit.
  8. Release your toxins.  Take hot baths with Epsom salts or ginger to help eliminate toxins through the skin.
  9. A colloidal silver nasal spray kills bacteria and virus germs on contact.  Spraying the sinuses and throat several times per day will greatly speed recovery.  Argentyn spray has a very low particle size and is 23 parts per million and is available in our office.

If you need to get checked for a cold/flu visit, call us ASAP. You can have any of these products delivered to your door by calling or emailing my office (if you have been in the office in the past 3 months).  If you need more information or have any questions call me at (704) 837-2420.

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