Family Packages

Family Packages

Your family’s health is our priority

-We take that seriously!

Here is our Family Wellness Discount Plan:

First Family Member – Full price (Less 20% prepay discount or 10% off half/half option)

Second Family Member – Will receive 20%  prepay discount or 10% off half/half option

(Plus an additional 20% off Family member prepay discount or 10% off half/ half option)

Subsequent Family Members – Will receive 20% prepay discount or 10% off half/half option                                (Plus an additional 30% off Family member prepay discount or 20% off half/half option)

Discounts and special pricing applied to all prepaid plans will be void if a refund is requested.  Any refund will forfeit the discount received and all services will be charged at original prices.

When paying per visit Subsequent family members receive 10% off treatments

Treatment protocols are unique to each patient. Therefore treatments will vary in time, complexity and cost. Packages can range from a few hundred to a few thousand.

Example of Family Plan savings when pre-paying – for example simplicity, all family members are based on the same package that cost $1388.00

1st Family member: 1388.00 ( prepay and get a 20% discount of $277.60)

Brings cost to $1110.40

2nd Family Member $1388.00 ( prepay discount of 20% $277.60)

Brings cost to$1110.40

Additional Family Member 20% discount (-222.08)

Brings cost to $888.32

Additional Family Members 1388.00 (prepay discount of 30% $277.60)

Brings cost to $1110.40

Additional Family Member 30% discount (prepay discount -$333.12)

Brings cost to $777.28 for 3rd family member and subsequent family members

Example is based on an example care plan only, it in no way insinuates that your cost will be the same – it is for example only to see how Family discounts work.

*Supplement cost is not included in cost of care plan packages

Family member constitutes spouse and children still living at home

If you need more information, please call our office at 704-837-2420

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