IDD Therapy Facts

Q: What does the IDD stand for?discforce
A: IDD stands for Intervertebral Differential Dynamics, which can only be applied through a computer directed, highly advanced technology which allows a specific spinal segment to be targeted for a treatment which uses a computerized means of differentiating between spinal segments and applying a dynamic therapy to mobilize a spinal structure.

Q: How does IDD Therapy work?
A: IDD Therapy provides a computer directed method of applying and achieving physical therapy treatment objectives without requiring the patient to participate in any exhaustive or painful exercise regimen. It is performed by a certified clinician. The IDD Therapy® device gently manipulates the offending spinal segment, while helping stretch and re-tone underlying musculature. The result is improved lumbar health and pain elimination in a significant portion of patients treated.

Q: If I use IDD Therapy, when will I start feeling better?
A: Many patients start feeling improvement by the second week

Q: Are there any side effects to the treatments?
A: Most patients do not experience any adverse side effects from undergoing IDD Therapy.

Q: Are there any drugs used in the treatment?
A: Although drug therapy is not a mainstay of IDD Therapy, some clinicians advocate the use of anti-inflammatory medications

Q: How long does it take to complete the treatment?
A: Each treatment session lasts approximately 30 minutes and is repeated approximately 20 times over the course of 35 days.

Q: How successful is IDD Therapy treatment?
A: IDD Therapy treatment has undergone extensive clinical testing and has achieved substantial rates. Thousands of satisfied patients have been successfully treated with IDD Therapy treatment.

Q: Does IDD Therapy rehab involve surgery or injections?
A: No. IDD Therapy treatment is completely non-invasive, is non-surgical and involves no injections. Not only is IDD Therapy treatment safe and painless, it’s also comfortable and relaxing.

Q: How can I get more information or get started?
A: Call 704-837-2420 to arrange a no charge consultation to see if IDD Therapy is right for you.

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