Is Your Job Killing You?

Ever wonder what the long term health effects of your occupation may bring you? Here at Haas wellness Centers we focus on prevention and well being. If you are one of the following occupations listen up:




Textile Factory/Mill worker

Cosmetologist/ Hair Dresser

Nail Salon Technician

Not only do these jobs require long hours of poor posture positioning, they are slowing exposing the body to harsh chemicals every day.  Yes, long term health risks include things like emphysema, COPD, bronchitis, heavy metal toxicity which affects the central nervous system eventually leading to things like parkinsons, alzheimers, and dementia. Smoking, being overweight, and low activity levels increase the risks of getting these diseases.  Some subtle signs of heavy metal toxicity building up are:

Chronic fatigue or lack of energy

Dizzy Spells


Constant Allergies/Sinus Pressure

 Cough that lasts more than 2 weeks

Feeling hot or having cold chills

Thinning hair

Metallic taste in mouth

Dry Skin

Tremors in the hands, fingers, or feet

Foggy brain, hard to concentrate

Short Term Memory Loss

Chronic pain

Inflammation of joints

These are symptoms of heavy metal toxicity !

If you experience 2 or more of the above symptoms call today for a free consultation. Learn what your environment, occupation, and lifestyle hazards are and start the process to enjoy better health for you and your family. (704) 837-2420





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