Beware of These Sunscreen Ingredients

Better Health Begins with Better Nutritional Support


Can Protein Bars Make You Fat?


Common Cold or Allergies

Can Extra Estrogen Cause Weight Gain


Green Tea for Weight Loss

How to Reduce Cravings

Essential Oils for Romance

Dietary Fats Affect Childhood Allergies


Should I Use COLD or HOT?


Sometimes the Devil is in NOT reading the details

Study links pesticides to attention problems

The Special Needs Child and Alternative Care


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Strengthen Your Immune System


5 Ways to Create Healthy Recipes


Don’t fall for a New Year’s Resolution!


Is Your Job Killing You?


Which Hue Is Best For YOU?


Avoid the “Winter Itch” aka Eczema


Back to School

Haas Wellness Center in the News

What are The Signs of Poor Health?


What are The Signs of Poor Health?

Learn from the Burn

Nutrition for Athletes

Neuro-Organization Demo


Do You Want Cheap or Good Healthcare?

Do You Have A Slow Metabolism?


I’ve Got a Pill for That

Boost your Brain with these Brain Foods!

Does the US Really have the Best Healthcare?


What is your Nervous System?

How’s My Heart?

Don’t Let Your Holiday Dinner Ruin Your Diet


Are you over medicated?

Dr Haas Discusses Kinesiology on Health Awakening Show

Using Essential Oils


Healthy Halloween

What Does Estrogen Dominance Cause?

What are the Signs of a Low Thyroid

Using Muscle Testing and Applied Kinesiology


Weight Loss Made Easy

Studies Show How Research Is Killing You

Solving the Sleep Problem

Soft Drinks and Esophageal Cancer

Signs and Causes of Hormone Imbalance

Sensitivity Testing

Relieve Pain Naturally


Safe Lotions


Reduce Blood Pressure Naturally

Reversing Insulin Resistance

Restore Health Naturally

Is Your Pain Reliever Slowing Your Healing


Relieving Chronic Pain

pH and Your Health

Nutritional Response Testing

Natural Pain Relief

Muscle Testing and Kinesiology

Mercury in Fish

How the Thyroid Works

How The Speed Of Healing Can Be Increased


Make Halloween a Little Healthier

Lowering Cholesterol Naturally

How to Avoid Electro-Magnetic Fields


Laser Desensitization Technique

Kill the Monsters While They’re Small

It All Depends on What you Test For


Alkaline Water and Why Avoid It


How to Lose Fat

10 Tips to Alkalize


How Cold Laser Therapy Affects Healing

Epigenetics – You Are What Your Parents Ate

Detoxification: Slow and Steady Wins the Race


Energy Footbaths

Dr Haas on Charlotte Today Live

Do artificial sweeteners cause weight gain

Detoxing Glyphosate Roundup

Can Diabetes Be Reversed

Balance Metabolism

Avoiding Cell Phone Radiation isn’t Funny

Aspartame Disease: An FDA-Approved Epidemic


Are You Toxic?

Are You Protein Deficient


Are There Better Halloween Treats?

Are Plastic Bottles Causing Low Testosterone in Men and Women?

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