Spinal Decompression Therapy is a Non-Surgical Therapy for Back and Neck Pain

Spinal Decompression Therapy is a non-surgical therapy to relieve back pain and other problems associated with spinal disc injuries.
Bulging discs, herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, pinched nerves, sciatica, and arm pain or leg pain can often be attributed to your spine asserting pressure on your discs. Poor posture, bad body mechanics, repetitive stress and acute injury can cause your vertebrae to compress your discs or to slip out of alignment, which then applies pressure to your discs.

Compressed discs lead to two major problems: a bulge or herniation pressing on a nerve and degeneration of the disc. The problem is often perpetuated because the compressed disc restricts the flow of nutrients to itself that are needed to heal.  Traditional corrective treatments include surgery or chiropractic adjustment. Spinal decompression therapy is an alternative FDA-approved treatment option that has shown very good results.discforce

Spinal decompression treatment is non-invasive and provides gentle decompression of the disc through the use of a decompression table. You are strapped to the table so that as it moves, it applies a distraction force to the targeted area of the spine (the compressed disc). A computer controls the distraction force, which is applied between periods of relaxation. This gently pulls the spine apart, elongating it and creating a negative pressure within the disc, creating a small vacuum within the disc which pulls nutrients and fluids back into the disc. Studies show that it creates a -100 mmHg within the disc, while standing creates a +100 mmHg and sitting creates a +140 mmHg. This negative pressure is what pulls fluid and nutrients back into the disc, thus increasing the disc height.

Much like a repetitive stress injury, the decompression works in very minute increments. Over time, that adds up and lets the disc reshape itself, heal and get the proper flow of nutrients going to fight off brittleness and future injuries.

The safest and non-invasive form of spinal decompression is when therapy is performed by a qualified professional using a decompression machine, which is especially effective for the treatment of herniated or bulging discs. This therapy can relieve back pain or neck pain. This treatment, spinal decompression therapy, normally takes from 15 to 24 treatment sessions.

Dr Haas received his certification in Spinal Decompression Therapy from Parker College in 2013.  He is the only practitioner in Charlotte with this certification.  Call our office today at 704-837-2420 for a no-charge consultation.  If you have X-rays or an MRI, bring them along too.

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