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Sleep Problems

Dr. Haas,

I would like to thank you for the dramatic results that you have helped me to achieve with your naturopathic healing methods. Over the past few months, my chronic problems with insomnia have almost disappeared! I’ve struggled with severe insomnia for more than 33 years. For the last 26 years, I’ve seen numerous doctors and have taken most of the popular drugs intended to help with this problem, but the results were always disappointing. I felt fortunate to be able to sleep only two hours per night! I fought bouts of total sleep deprivation and hallucinations for 9 days in a row on several occasions. Unfortunately, taking anti-depressant drugs never solved this problem, but only served as a temporary relief- after a period of time, any of the drug’s beneficial effects always wore off and I was right back where I started. My most recent prescription was with Xyrem, a federally controlled substance. Even while taking this powerful drug, I felt no improvement until my dosage was increased to 4 times the recommended amount! As a result of about 6 months of your chiropractic, laser, foot bath and supplement treatments, I began to sleep more soundly without taking any drugs. I still occasionally wake up after 5 hours of sleep, but as a rule I’m able to go back to sleep shortly afterwards. And best of all, I’m enjoying a new life that is free from addictive sleep medications!


LS, Charlotte, NC


Arthritis of the Hip

Dr. Haas,

I had experienced chiropractic care with success in the past, so when I met you I knew I could benefit from your care. What I didn’t expect was the depth of change I’ve experienced, and the speed with which I’ve seen results. Having been recently diagnosed with mild arthritis, I hoped only for prevention of further loss of mobility. What I have seen is almost complete relief of pain, improved range of motion, and the ability to do things I haven’t been able to, such as sit Indian-style, practice yoga, and cross my legs without pain. I feel better, eat better, concentrate better and have a better understanding of what being healthy really means. I plan to continue my program, and am sure I’ll see other improvements as a result. Dr. Haas is a great resource for complete care, and education about “Whole Person Health” – treating the body as it truly exists, a collection of integrated interdependent systems.


JT, Charlotte, NC

Fractured Neck

Dear Dr. Haas,

I am thankful chiropractic care exists and that I have been under your care for the past 8 years for treatment of my back, keeping me off the operating table. I’m glad I know and respect you so well and I came to you in June when I hurt my neck. You took x-rays and said my neck was broken, and sent me to my doctor to send me to the hospital for a Cat-scan. My doctor said it wasn’t broken and don’t worry.  Thank goodness we took your advice and went to Martha Jefferson Hospital where they confirmed your findings. They rushed me to U.V.A. Hospital where I am under outpatient care for a broken neck. In another 8 weeks the halo I wear on my head comes off and after a little physical therapy I’ll be good as new thanks to you. Had my wife and I not taken your advice I could be paralyzed or worse at this time. I have been told many times at U.V.A. how lucky I am. Rebecca and I thank you Ken, more than you’ll ever know.


GS, Charlottesville, VA

I don’t know what I would have done without him

Dr. Haas is incredibly talented in many areas. His in-depth knowledge of the structure of the body, bone, muscle and tendon, allows him to be able to determine not only your problem, but the source of that problem. If it is something he cannot make better or alleviate, he will tell you so and refer you. I don’t know what I would have done without him for back and foot problems, he is a miracle worker. The staff is friendly and helpful, I feel very much at home when I am there.

M. L., Charlotte, NC

I’m amazed

I’m amazed with everything that has changed for the better in just 12 weeks. My allergeries are totally under control without medication. My foot pain has gone away and I can actually run again. Plus my energy level is so much better without the help of caffine! I went in wanting to lose weight, feel better without medication and get my allergies under control. All of this has been accompolished and more.The staff is helpful, friendly and very knowledgeable. It’s comforting to know that there are healthy alternatives. Dr Haas has been awesome and the past 12 weeks have been a great experience. I would absolutely recommend Haas Wellness.

L.H., Charlotte, NC

I look better and feel better

If you are feeling poorly and western medicine is not helping you feel better, you should give Haas Wellness a try! Dr. Haas actually ” spring cleans” one’s body and then gives it what it needs to perform optimally. I feel so much better since beginning his protocol. He treats the body holistically rather than just symptom based. Strange symptoms that I have dealt with for well over a decade are now disappearing since I began using Dr Hass’s treatments. I am feeling very hopeful that I will soon be returned to full health as I continue to partner with his office for my health care needs! People are telling me I look better, and I definitely feel better!

ER, Charlotte, NC

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